Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Even If Buhari Picks the Pope as Running Mate...

Former military dictator, General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd) has picked Save Nigeria Group (SNG) Convener Pastor Tunde Bakare as his running mate in the 2011 presidential election. I will not vote for Buhari and I have my reasons based on facts of our nation's past.

Buhari is a great man in his own right and I respect him as an elder statesman. But as far as a democracy is concerned in this digital age and time, Buhari is not the best that Nigeria has to offer.

Abuse of power is the worst form of corruption in leadership. Buhari abused power when he was military Head of State.

When Buhari seized power, he threw Alex Ekwueme into prison in KiriKiri and kept Shehu Shagari under house arrest. How do you explain such double standards?

During Buhari, journalists were brutalized, hushed and muzzled. Tunde Thompson and Nduka Irabor were jailed under the evil laws of the Buhari regime.

During the Buhari regime, 53 suitcases were smuggled into the country at a time the nation's borders were closed because of the change in the colour of the national currency in 1984. Have we forgotten?

Under Buhari's regime, there was a law against 18 year olds going to Hajj. Tunde Idiagbon took his 14 year old son to Hajj and nothing happened.

Lawal Ojuolape, Benard Ogedengbe and Bartholomew Owoh; these three men were ordered to be executed by Buhari under a retroactive decree for the crime of drug trafficking which didn't carry a death penalty wen they committed the crime.

The late Tai Solarin was imprisoned and refused treatment for his asthma by this same Buhari.

Secretary General of the ruling NPN Uba Ahmed who was Buhari's tribesman was arrested at the airport only to be released on Buhari's orders and allowed to fly out of the country.

Buhari, like IBB and Abdusalami Abubakar treated the Oputa Panel with disdain. He refused to show up at the panel.

I will not vote for Buhari in 2011; not even if he picks the Pope as his running mate.


Sadiq Abubakar Musa said...

Are u telling the world about Buhari's brutalities or u're telling us that u'll vote for a selfish ex-president or u're tannishing buhari's good reputation?. there is no sense in what u're saying, man. u're just like wale soyinka-the dramatic humanbieng.

Nigeria News Today said...

@ Sadiq, Buhari has a right to be voted for,i agree. But if we should go by his previous records,then i do not believe nigeria is ready for such a risk. Ehm,i don't understand,you said something about Buhari having a good reputation,can i ask,what good reputation? Power drunk individual? Abeg!

Anonymous said...

Sadiq Abubakar Musa: so which of these isn't true about Buhari? Rather than name-dropping (who's 'wale soyinka'?), why don't you address the actions of this deeply ammoral man seeking to lead Nigeria after his misrule.

Bradly Jones said...

Election is over and i'm happy that Goodluck is President. Buhari had the chance to do something good by stopping his supporters from rioting but he fueled it all. is that the type of president we want in our country. great post MR FIX NIGERIA!!!

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