Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the Future, We March!

2011 will mark a redefining moment in the history of our nation. If we do not register to vote, we cannot bring about the wholesome national transformation that we seek. If we cannot identify our leaders now and begin to mobilise support for them ahead of 2011, we need no prophet and no soothsayer to foretell that we are set for one of the biggest generational setbacks of the century!

Yes we may hold conferences and seminars; yes we may inspire the attitude of change in hundreds of our young people; yes we may continue the talking and I say yes, all that is good. But pray, how can we guarantee our future if we allow crooks and criminals to be voted into the seats of power?

Today's so-called Asian Tigers were not known for talking too much. They took ACTION! In 1989, the Tianamen Square revolution which led to the collapse of communist governments across the world was championed by students! Ask the Ukrainians about the Orange revolution where over one million people consistently took to the streets in freezing weather to demand for truth and justice!

Or is it the Iranians of very recent memory who far away from their comfort zones, took to the streets in their millions to fight for the cause they believed in? Even America, the world's greatest democracy is not left out with a long history of national greatness anchored on mass ACTION! Where are the Martin Luther King Jnrs of my generation?

Countrymen, citizen soldiers, should we wait till our nation becomes a pariah nation like Somalia before we awake to the reality of our national predicament? Four years have gone since they promised us 6,000 mega watts of power. See how they scramble among themselves over the allocation of oil wells when they have failed to give us a solution to the fuel crisis! Is this what the founding fathers of our country laboured for? Where are the fruits of the labours of our heroes past?

On Wednesday, March 10 and Tuesday March 16, 2010, Nigerian youths drawn from all sectors of the economy under the coalition – ENOUGHISENOUGH – will storm the city of Abuja to articulate concrete demands for credible leadership. But the struggle will not end in Abuja. It’s just the beginning. We will return to our various constituencies and circles of influence to begin mobilisation of fellow youths for the 2011 elections. We must get them to register to vote, vote at the polls and stand with their votes to the finish!

Countrymen, citizen soldiers, the die is cast and nothing shall stop us. On these two days, we march! For honour, we march! For our country, we march! For the future, we march! No fear, no pain...into the gates of Aso Rock we march; men and women, old and young, citizen soldiers, brave Nigerians....fearless for fatherland...we march!

Wouldn’t you rather come with us?

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