Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rebranding Nigeria and Anti-Corruption

Rebranding Nigeria: Through corruption or anti-corruption?

Prof. Dora Akunyili: Nigeria’s New Image Amazon

Nigeria: Image is everything?

NIGERIA, The Heart of Africa project: Swept into the dustbins of history


ch.i.LL.i said...

...a picture they say is worth a thousand words. with four, we've got four thousand words! well said. no more, no less.

osuji george azukaego said...

The idea of re branding Nigeria is like searching for a black he goat in total blackout.I cannot

believe this idea when it was made public.

I see The word RE BRANDING as another episode of anjiriya syndrome meaning everyday we wake up from bed with brand new suffering.(Nigeria)

IF The event that occurs in our daily Nigerian life activities is animated on cartoon

network series, i bet you it will be NO 1 on movie billboard chat for ever.
This re branding issue will facilitate exit and rubbishing of Prof.(Mrs.) Dora Akunyili from the

national and world stage.she will lose all here credibility and honor.cos i see this course a big task far more bigger than her capacity.its has to be collective effort of the totality of we Nigerians.
You cannot re brand a nation without providing the basic need for common man who work very hard

every day of his life under the condition of suffering and smiling just to make ends means.
A positive mind will think positive, you cannot expect good idea and inspirations from a negative

and battered minds.A Nigeria man who is not entitled to basic need of life will always think

negative in the land of plenty.lies and dishonesty will be the order of the day.Take our Nigerian police for example.take a good look at then on the street,their uniforms,examine their appearance,thought and imagination.tell me how would that kind of person serve this nation with a sincere and patriotic mind.

It is when the government Provide electricity,good water supply, quality and cheaper communications,good roads,and agriculture empowerment for example.then we will see creative and gifted Nigeria whom God has blessed with artist impetus and knowledge in producing items that will be beneficiary to humanity.with these basic needs,the THINKING and PERCEPTION of Nigerians towards his environment and next man to him will be progressive and positive.

The Communications Minister, Prof. (Mrs.) Dora Akunyili says signals the march towards national

re-birth.The slogan selected was Good People, Great Nation while the logo is simply the word –

Nigeria but creatively interpreted. (na wa on for Big Blind Country)

You cannot see good people where there is suffering and smiling everyday among it citizenry,you cannot see good people in a country where there is no truth,sincerity,national dignity,honesty and integrity.a country that is the largest importer of electric generator set at the expense of the masses.what a national sabotage a country that import second hand clothing and under wears,a BIG Disappointment to God.a country that has no national carrier,please show me good people here not even me.

A GREAT NATION.Yes blessed with abundant mineral and human resources.But Yet i see Nigeria as

giant of African Failure without empathy.The Caribbeans,and other African Countries looks up to

the Most populous countries in Africa. Nigeria for direction for the black man emancipation

toward civilization and globalization in the 21th century for the third world country,but its so sad that a nation that ought to bring in great income for the nation through tourism is now engaged in kidnapping of foreign expatriate.what a shame.

This so called leaders should stop deceiving us its enough. we the citizens should also be

critical of new government policies.does it benefit you and i the common man?.
You can take the monkey out of the bush but you cannot take away the bush from the monkey.
Nigeria is a terrible horror film with different episode but its a pity that i am part of the

Lets be positive and appreciative to our cultural ethos and values.take china and India for example.
Think and be wise
Osuji george azukaego

BRIGGS, P.U. said...

@Osuji and every other Nigerian, it is not enough to assume that you understand a particular thing. You have to KNOW IT!2+2 is not always 4, indeed when you do the math to bases 2 and 3, they do not equal 4. Precision is not a luxury, it is the differentiating factor between gods and mere mortals. Rebranding Nigeria is not another display of profligacy nor a shot at impossibilities. Rebranding Nigeria is a necessity if we are gonna survive these debilitating times. So stop being too caustic with your feelings of self-righteous indignation and ask yourself; HOW CAN I MAKE IT WORK?

briggsdynasty said...

At Osuji and Nigerians in general, you cannot assume that you know a particular thing. From all you have said, you don't know the first thing about branding, why assume? 2+2 is not always equal to 4, indeed when you do the math to bases 3 and 4, the answer is not 4. Rebranding is not another show of profligacy by the Government, it is not a luxury either, it is vital to the survival of Nigeria in these debilitating moments. Stop with all your caustic reactions of self-righteous indignation and ask yourself: how can i make it work?

Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

call Nigeria

Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. It's like five years of not being in Nigeria has finally made me out-dated for this to be news to me. The change is amazing. Great blog!

call Nigeria