Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beats of a Wandering Heart [I]

My heart wanders
Into a distant land of broken silences

Chaos meets order, order meets chaos
In a mangled union of failed ventures…
Ventured at securing insecure vanities
Of a life at peace with body, soul and spirit.

Sprinkled cacophonies of pain and penury
Rend the stillness of a peaceful morn
Hope banished!
Love dispelled!
Joy impossible!

Frozen as a Rock,
The hands of a tyrant mob
Remain at ease with the pain
Unleashed upon menfellows by their sceptre grip of evil

Recovered fragments of shattered thoughts,
And deferred dreams,
Converge on the threshold of the future…
Hope regained?
Love returned?
Joy restored?

But it’s locked up in that which is to come – the aspirations of a generation
Driven by wounded passion, faith in God and country

And now…
Consumed in a wrestling bout,
Spent by the antics and tactics of an endless confrontation,
Back and forth – from past through present to future
Is a restless surge of heartbeats…
Birthing a matrix of boundless possibilities
Thoughts about a people…about a generation…
And whoever knows…a revolution?

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Stanis said...

lovely! reading this over and over! cheers!