Monday, June 16, 2008

The Ten (10) Values of a True Nigerian

Behold the ten (10) values deliberated upon and then endorsed by young Nigerians at the GOTNI Leadership Summit in Abuja. History was made...just as in 1776, young Americans including the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson sat down to create the American Dream!


AlooFar said...

Thanks for this.
How about having a detailed account of the event?

Guy... i dey vex for you. This blog is begging for traffic ;)

*Brownie Kiss* said...

yes, can you please have a more detailed info about this event please? And I love the 10 values. i printed out a copy to paste on my wall to remind me each day!

timiolagunju said...

Great commandments. Simple and strategic to observe.

timiolagunju said...

Simply! A Great piece!! I love the 10 commandment!!!